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  • New Dark Knight Rises Trailer

    A short but sweet viral campaign asked people to tweet in images of Batman graffiti around the world, and each tweet would reveal a frame from the epic trailer that has finally been released today. Fully loaded with action, suspense and moody drama, this is looking to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. Saying […]

  • Bane Speaks!!

    Some recent footage has surfaced displaying Bane delivering a speech to “Gotham Rogues” at a football stadium. The rogues bit raises some questions; is Bane trying to lead a revolution? I have to say Bane does sound a lot more different to what was expected. Being the way he is you would of thought of […]

  • Judging Bane

    With all the surprising reveals of set photos and glimpses of Bane’s character, its enabled us to guess at his role and how effectively conceived he has been. Personally I’m not too excited at this point. Maybe its because of the poor quality these pictures display, but the same thought keeps circling in my head […]

  • “The Dark Knight Rises” Set Photos and Video Reveals Fight Scene

    The Dark Knight Rises looks to be a difficult time for Batman as he faces Bane. Today, I can write to you about photos and video from the set revealing a fight scene between the two rivals. The film stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Tom Hardy as Bane. The film is due […]

  • The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Review

    So as I arrived late for the final Harry Potter outing, I sat down just in time to witness the epic, mysterious and ominous trailer for the conclusion to the Batman trilogy. At the start there is Ra’s al Ghul’s voice-over regarding Wayne’s potential to become a legend. Here we have shots from the past films such […]