New Dark Knight Rises Trailer

A short but sweet viral campaign asked people to tweet in images of Batman graffiti around the world, and each tweet would reveal a frame from the epic trailer that has finally been released today. Fully loaded with action, suspense and moody drama, this is looking to be the biggest blockbuster of the year. Saying that though, it also looks to be carrying some serious undertones that will possibly elevate above the joyful ride that was ‘The Avengers’, into something more memorable and iconic; past trailers and information have hinted at uprising, social inequalities and even the possibility of Batman’s death itself. Fitting considering that this will be the last of Nolan’s gritty take on the Batman saga, and if anything, the only film to face off with in terms of scale and drama will be ‘Prometheus’.

What’s even more intriguing about this trailer, is how it reveals more of Bane and Catwoman, the former of which appearing to be more audible than previously reported, and yet it still manages to keep the major plot details under wraps which is impressive for a third trailer. We even hear more of Catwoman who interestingly seems to be opposed to Bruce Wayne, whilst siding with Batman. Going back to Bane however, he clearly has no boundaries with his actions as we see him blow up bridges and keeping Bruce Wayne alive so he can receive a much more ‘severe’ punishment (weirdly as Bane delivers this line, he sounds ever so slightly like Liam Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul).

If there is anything that is wrong with this trailer, it is the very last shot of ‘The Bat’ avoiding missiles in the air. The CGI here makes it appear weightless and thus unconvincing which is a shame, but hopefully it will look improved on the big screen. Apart from this, the trailer delivers the goods and promises like Batman does, that we have not been given everything just yet.

By Elliot McIntosh

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