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  • Abertoir Horror Festival 2012

    After writing about this wonderful festival a while ago, I can now present to you the promo for last year’s Abertoir. For more information about the event,  you can visit their website for more updates about this year’s festival. They’ve already announced the dates, but there’s no word yet on what’s to come. However based […]

  • “They Came in Peace and Left in Pieces”: Inbred Review (Abertoir 2011)

    Review Written By Hayley Alice Roberts. Directed by Alex Chandon Written by Alex Chandon and Paul Shrimpton Starring Jo Hartley, Seamus O’ Neill, James Doherty, James Burrows, Neil Leiper, Chris Waller, Nadine Rose Mulkerrin and Terry Haywood. Yorkshire-set “Inbred” (2011) directed by Alex Chandon has something for everyone. The cast and crew involved with the […]

  • Abertoir Horror Festival 2011: Day 1

    After weeks of anticipation Abertoir finally arrived with an intriguing first night of horror. Kicking off the festival was the ‘House of Long Shadows’ starring Vincent Price in what was to be the first of many films throughout the convention that paid tribute to such an iconic actor. After setting the mood for the evening, […]

  • Interview with Gaz Bailey: Abertoir Horror Festival

    Below is an interview with the organiser of Abertoir, Gaz Bailey, talking about what’s to come, his views on horror and his past experiences. Over the course of the festival, myself and some fellow film students (Hayley Alice Roberts, James Moore and Ben Lee) will be bringing more coverage, reviews and other extras to provide […]

  • Abertoir Horror Festival Schedule Released

    This week, the schedule has been released for the upcoming horror festival and there are many things to look forward to. For starters, the recently certified (in the UK) Human Centipede 2 will be showing on the opening night. This should be interesting considering the debate over its potentially “harmful” content, which figures as beforehand […]

  • The Woman Film Review – Abertoir Pre-Screening

    Contains Spoilers The Woman is an uncompromising film that scarily depicts the extents of domineering fatherhood combined with misogyny, and how it befalls upon a family and the feral titular character. What seems to be a typical and loving family scenario is quickly revealed to be a frightening case of abuse from both the father […]

  • Abertoir: The National Horror Festival of Wales

    This is an annual festival that has taken place in Aberystwyth over the past several years, premiering in the UK new horrors, as well as entrants for short and feature films. Last year had such films as “Rare Exports”, “I Spit On Your Grave” and many more. With less than two months to go, they […]