‘Townhouse Confidential’ Romantic Comedy Theater Showing and Q&A with Writer Rosalind Resnick, Director Patrick Perez Vidauri and Cast

The romantic comedy feature film ‘Townhouse Confidential’ shows at New York’s legendary Angelika Theater East from January 20 – 26, 2023. In honor of the film’s release, viewers will enjoy a Q&A session with writer and executive producer Rosalind Resnick, director Patrick Perez Vidauri and cast members after some of the showings.

Saturday, January 21 – following the 7:00 pm show, a Q&A with Rosalind Resnick, lead actor Lee Tyler, and cast that includes Joseph D’Onofrio, Al Linea, and Nicola Gorham

Sunday, January 22 – following the 3:00 pm show, a Q&A with Rosalind Resnick, lead actor Lee Tyler, and cast that includes Danny Bolero, Georgia Kate Haege

Wednesday, January 25 – following the 7:00 pm show, a Q&A with Rosalind Resnick, lead actors Lee Tyler and Samantha Simone, Jonas Barranca, and director Patrick Perez Vidauri

In association with Double R Features, distributor Vision Films presents a Patrick Perez Vidauri film, ‘Townhouse Confidential’ written by Rosalind Resnick, premiering on January 20-26 at Angelika Theater East in New York, will also be streaming everywhere on January 31, 2023. ‘Townhouse Confidential’ is a Best Feature winner at York Independent Film Festival 2022. The story is adapted from the novel of the same name by Rosalind Resnick.

‘Townhouse Confidential’ is Pride and Prejudice meets Sex in the City, set in the West Village. It explores love, real estate, and gentrification in the West Village. The cast includes Samantha Simone (Blue Bloods, You Follow Me), Lee Tyler (While He Talks, Bad Guru film collective), Brittany Bennett (A Drunk Scorpion Will Sting Itself to Death), Allison Wick (Bull, FBI, Chicago Med), Russell Sperberg, (Ask for Jane) Jonas Barranca (Hightown, One Dollar), Joseph D’Onofrio (Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale), Al Linea (The Irishman, Boardwalk Empire), Danny Bolero (In The Heights, Low Tide), Ernest Pierce (DTLA, Dance Flick) and Pepi Streiff (By the Grace of Bob, Broad City).

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