‘Songs for Amy’ Is Now Available

540898_267230713365834_1342719458_nbSongs for Amy is a romantic drama comedy about love, friendship & heartbreak directed by Konrad Begg, written by Fiona Graham and starring Sean McGuire (Sean), and Lorna Anderson (Amy). The movie was filmed in the beautiful backdrop of Galway, Ireland with a great supporting cast of characters. It’s based on the trials and tribulations of a young couple and the journey Sean takes trying to define the love he has for Amy with his music.

This is a must see movie that has been released on a number of VOD platforms (including iTunes, Google Play and VUDU with Amazon following soon) October 1st in USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK. Visit the official site to see where to download it today and enjoy an excellent fulfilled movie.


I like to tell stories about real life situations, but with a twist to get your attention or make you laugh. Whichever comes first! I am a balloon sculptor and party decorator on the side who has a very wild imagination. As a teen I attended the Kilpatrick-Cambridge Theater Arts School and I’ve done limited acting in plays because my interest was mostly in computers. I realized I like watching movies more than being in one at an early age. I love reading and I would love to write a book about my life one day. I know you’re wondering if she’s really that interesting to have a book about her. Well, just wait and see…
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