Monumental Casting News


Monumental is an independent film that just concluded fundraising. All film roles have now been cast. Production will be starting in June of 2013, with release expected sometime in 2014. Monumental tells the story of two young men who journey across the USA to honor one’s mother by spreading her ashes at monuments she always dreamed of visiting. Along the way they encounter interesting people and dangerous situations that force them to question their own character and their life-long friendship. Marital strife, jail time, car chases, old secrets, and a demolition derby all threaten to derail their trip and their lives.

Joining actors Gary Cairns (as Steve Sullivan) and Luke Albright (as Clayne Foster) on their epic journey in Monumental are the following cast members:

Scott B. Hansen is directing and editing, Stuart Page is producing, Baron Bodnar and Hans Peter-Zimmermann are executive producers, Chad Law and Christine Conradt are co-producing, Chyna Richardson is the casting director, and associate producer Wendy Shepherd is handling all publicity for the film.

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