The Week on DVD and VOD

The Week is now available on DVD and VOD. It is the perfect way to spend those gift cards Santa left in your stocking. Rick Gomez (Band of Brothers) stars as Dick Romans a man whose future unravels when his wife leaves him on the eve of their ten year anniversary. After the panic subsides, Dick decides to go ahead with the planned week-long celebration. Bringing along his faithful four legged companion, copious amounts of alcohol and catered food, Dick begins a hilarious, albeit tough, journey into life’s new chapter.

It is quite the family affair as The Week reunites Rick on-screen with his Justified co-star Joelle Carter, his brother Joshua Gomez (Chuck), his Band of Brothers brothers Richard Speight Jr., James Madio, Frank John Hughes, along with his actual dog. Rick’s wife, Jenny Gomez, is also part of the producing team. I can only imagine how much fun that set was. It was obviously the perfect space for Rick to feel comfortable enough to really let go. So often we see Rick in roles with more of a subdued sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor. It is so refreshing that The Week co-directors Jon Gunn and John Mann let go of the reins and allow Rick to shine with a perverse and outlandish comedy of old-school greats like Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Dick Van Dyke.

The Week proves that laughter is the best medicine and is exactly what you need for the after-Christmas blues.

*The Week DVD (Not Rated) is now available online at Target, Best Buy and Amazon (although temporarily out of stock on Amazon). For our international readers digital copies are available to rent or own on FlixFling. For more information and fun (mostly fun) follow The Week film and cast on Twitter: Rick Gomez, Joshua Gomez, Joelle Carter, Richard Speight Jr., James Madio, Frank John Hughes, Reno Wilson, and Coby Toland.

Jan Ostegard

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