Homecoming Feature Film Shows Rare Glimpse Of A Soldier’s Story

As America enters a second decade of war, many soldiers feel misperceived, unrecognized, and unsure where they belong when they return. Homecoming shows a rare glimpse of a female soldiers story – a view one seldom finds in cinema. In this AMC Theatres Kansas City Best US/International Narrative Feature, writer/director Sean Hackett strays away from war film “hot topics” (injury, PTSD, politics) and instead focuses on the broader subject of what these soldiers sacrifice – their 20s. Homecoming is a hilarious and heartbreaking authentic story of Estelle redefining “home.”

Here’s the new trailer:

This low-budget, high-value, feature film stars Brea Grant (Max Payne, TV’s Heroes), John Robinson (Elephant, Lords of Dogtown), Colleen Camp (Election, Die Hard III) and British up-and-comer Tom Fox Davies (Vanity Fair). Homecoming is the first production of publishers Tim & Mary Larson and their About the Logo production company. It was co-produced by Tomas Deckaj (Sundance-winner Martha Marcy May Marlene) and Josh Shelton (Youtube Filmmaker of the Year). The film’s score was composed by Gingger Shankar (Sundance-winner Circumstance). Bruce Goodman (Oscar-winner No Country for Old Men) and David Kitchens (Fist Foot Way, George Washington, and Emmy-winner Expedition: Bismarck) supervised post-production.

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