Check Out The “Halloween” Remake That Never Was


Back around April, production company Platinum Dunes (the company that remade Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Masacre, and many other horror classics) made a run for the rights to the Halloween franchise.

The company hired Frederico D’Alessandro, a storyboard artist that’s worked on Avengers, Captain America, Where The Wild Things Are, and I Am Legend, to develop a sequence that would show off just what Dunes would do with the project.

Platinum Dunes never did get the rights to Halloween, but they recently released the pitch reel as a bit of a treat for fans. Check it out below:

To be honest, that looks better than any of the numerous Halloween sequels and remakes that have come out thus far. I really like the playful use of POV shots, harking back to the original but from a different perspective. What say you?



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