Boy Culture DVD Review

Boy Culture is a 2006 film that is based on a 1995 novel written by Matthew Rettenmund.  Here’s a brief look into the film without giving away too many details. It’s about a male escort named X (Derek Magyar) who tells his story about his relationship with his two roommates; Andrew (Darryl Stephens) and Joey (Jonathon Trent).   He’s  very successful as a gay hustler who finds himself befriending his new client Gregory (Patrick Bauchau), who seems to still be in the closet. You’ll have to watch the DVD to see what happens.

I thought this movie was great.  It’s down to earth and the performance of the actors were awesome because they looked like they had very good chemistry with each other.  The film shows that relationships in any form can be difficult at times and coming to the terms about who you are sexually. I think that everybody can relate to all of the character’s feelings in some way like; hiding your true feelings for someone, the need to be loved, wanting someone that you can’t have, getting used by someone that you fell for, etc.  You can get the book and DVD at

The special features on the DVD includes:

*Tribeca Premiere Party and Q&A

*Interviews with all for stars

*Two deleted scenes called Food Fight and The Gym

*Commentary by Writer/Director Q. Allan Brocka and Writer/Producer Philip Pierce

By Michelle Hassenstab

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