American Sunset: Movie Trailer

I first heard about the American Sunset movie when I had the pleasure to interview one of the cast members, Bernard Robichaud.  The movie sounded so interesting that I decided to write up this article.  I ask you the question, “What would you do if your loved one was kidnapped and how far would you go to find them?”  This thriller movie shows how far a man named Tom Marlow (Corey Haim) would go to find his missing wife.

One day he wakes-up to find his wife missing from their vacation home.  No one will help him find her, so he hires a private investigator named Arturo (Frank Molina) to help him.  Then the nightmare starts with a call from the kidnapper, who wants to play a riddle game with him.  Tom has to decode the riddle to a question that will give him the whereabouts of his wife.  This movie will leave its audience guessing.

This movie is directed by Michael Masucci and was written by Jacqueline Giroux.  It also stars Bernard Robichaud and Angela Cullins. This movie is now on DVD at the film’s official website:

By Michelle Hassenstab

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