A Glimpse of Captain America from “The Avengers”


A screen-shot from the teaser trailer for The Avengers features Captain America amongst other heroes in uniform. The film is due for release on May 4th, 2012 and features many heroes returning amongst Chris Evans as Steven Rogers (Captain America).

Article by Kale Slade


  1. Like Superman, Cap is one more superhero who should’ve stayed on the printed page. Marvel are to be admired for their adherance to continuity with the other movies, but a massive bloke in a bright red white and blue costume – in a combat situation – just looks daft, regardless of how they make an effort to spin it. Soldiers wear camouflage for a reason y’know.

  2. I was definitely nervous, but they did a great job with this 1. The main weaknesses were Captain America’s “team”, which amounted to an ensemble of stereotypes, and despite the retro-feel it felt far more G.I. Joe than Indiana Jones, with the HYDRA soldiers safely dehumanised behind black masks. But they’re minor quibbles – the performances and film itself are incredibly superior, specially the last scene.

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