Interview with Marc Cartwright, founder of Glass Cabin Films

Glass Cabin Films is a movie production company founded by Marc Cartwright and Baker Chase Powell in 2015. Glass Cabin films primarily deals with the horror genre and they are actively seeking scripts for intelligently frightening movies. Founder Marc Cartwright grew up in New York on Long Island’s East End where he watched many classic films with his grandparents. After attending NYU, Marc moved to Los Angeles where he worked as an actor for commercial and print ads. In 2008 Marc opened Marc Cartwright Photography, which developed into a successful business of photographing established and up and coming talent in Film and Television. Recently, Marc discussed his experiences working in movies and his hopes for the future:

Meagan Meehan (MM) of Movie Vine: When and what inspired you to form Glass Cabin Films and why was that particular name chosen?

Marc Cartwright (MC): I have always been obsessed with filmmaking. When I was a teen, my grandparents bought me a video camera for Christmas, which I am sure they realized, was a mistake. I would follow everyone around the house pretending to be taping a soap opera or dramatic film. Once they wouldn’t star in my films, I would force my little brother to be in my music videos. Eventually, life brought me to photography, which being from a small town on Long Island, was a more accessible way to tell a visual story. Photography proved to be a successful career and provided me with the resources and opportunities to revisit my love for the moving image. I was asked by my current producing partner, Baker Chase Powell, to DP and co-produce a web series in 2015. This was such a fun experience that I wanted to create more content. The suspense and thriller genre is my favorite so I decided to begin by focusing on what I love. I thought of the name Glass Cabin Films because I wanted something that felt classic yet eerie. I see glass as something pure and delicately powerful. It is a barrier that gives you a glimpse of what is on the other side of it. Cabins to me have always felt spooky and mysterious. They are usually in the forest, under shadows where anything can hide. I liked the idea of a glass cabin. The image was strong to me. Classic and mysterious.

MM: What kinds of movies does Glass Cabin Films favor? How do you acquire your scripts?

MC: Glass Cabin Films favors suspense and psychological thrillers. I love it when a story presents something ordinary and introduces a horrific twist. I feel like life gives us these scenarios all the time on varying levels of intensity. It’s interesting to see how characters sink or swim in these situations. My producing partner Baker Chase Powell and I wrote the past three projects. We are looking to outside sources for stories as well. We look to friends that are writers, friends that know talented writers or some of the websites featuring pools of talent like The International Screenwriters Association.

MM: Right now, you are actively seeking a horror movie script. Do you work with screenwriters, including those who have no agent?

MC: Yes, we are looking to collaborate with anyone that has an interesting story to tell.

MM: So far, how many movies have been produced by Glass Cabin Films?

MC: So far, we have made three projects. “Sloven,” “Vexed” and “Savor.”

MM: Of all the movies, do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why?

MC: I like them all for different reasons. I enjoyed “Sloven” because it was literally just Baker and I on set making the film. I think the challenge of doing every job on set made me appreciate teamwork and the value of every single member of a film set. Each and every job is important to the success of a production. I enjoyed “Vexed” because it was my first time directing an entire crew and really getting to choose and discover people whose work inspired me. It wasn’t just me getting people together that I already knew. As a photographer, it is very easy for me to want to wear many hats on set. It is liberating to practice creating a community to fulfill a vision.

MM: How can you describe your experiences running a production company?

MC: I really feel like I have found my purpose. I love business, I love creativity, and I love filmmaking. Owning a production company allows me to combine these things and with each new project I learn something about myself. The challenges that I find have been rewarding and at the same time confronting in a wonderful way. I don’t consider myself a perfectionist but I came from the school of thought that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Producing films challenges that; being that you simply can’t do it all yourself. More than ever, I now value working with others and am excited when I get to experience collaborating with another person’s amazing talent.

MM: What has been the most rewarding part of working with Glass Cabin Films?

MC: For me, the most rewarding part has been the amazing response we have gotten from film festivals and other filmmakers that I respect. I enjoy the opportunity to create and share content that I enjoy watching.

MM: Where do you hope the company will be in ten years? Essentially, how do you see it evolving?

MC: Many Oscars and Golden Globes and bigger budgets! That’s all we really need. In seriousness, I intend to continue creating content and stories we enjoy watching. My goal is that when people think about Glass Cabin Films they expect and are excited to see movies that challenge perception and make them think about what they consider reality.

MM: What advice might you give to someone who is trying to start a movie production company?

MC: Produce content that speaks to you. Even if you are a small company, don’t cut corners on your creativity. You can create quality on any budget; that being said, never pay full price. Understand and develop amazing people and business skills. Doing things with integrity will get you a lot father for a lot longer.

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To learn more about Glass Cabin Films visit their official website and Facebook. You can also follow them on Instagram via @GlassCabinFilms. To learn more about Marc Cartwright visit his official website and Facebook and Baker Chase Powell can be followed via his website and Facebook.

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