Da Vinci’s Demons Complete Second Season now on DVD and BluRay

Anchor Bay Entertainment is proud to announce the complete second season of the critically acclaimed and Emmy award winning Da Vinci’s Demons is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. The STARZ original series can be enjoyed on a three disc set containing all ten episodes of the second season. The set also includes a recap of season one and behind the scenes featurettes exploring Leonardo Da Vinci’s (Tom Riley) journey to the New World.

From Creator and Executive Producer, David S. Goyer (Blade, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel), season two follows the characters on new and exciting adventures in this original historical fantasy drama. Join the young Da Vinci as he embarks on a voyage to the New World continuing his quest to find an ancient secret. Risking everything for answers to life’s mysteries Da Vinci will find allies in those once considered foes. Stretching trust, while existing outside of their comfort zones, Da Vinci and Riario (Blake Ritson) must find a way to put aside differences for the importance of discovery.

Fans of Da Vinci’s Demons will find that this DVD and Blu-Ray set is a must have for your television series collection. Anyone who is interested in production will undoubtedly find an invaluable look behind the curtain at the making of Da Vinci’s Demons. I had the pleasure of watching a sneak peek of the special features included with this second season release. They truly are an amazing lesson in the magic of television. The sets alone are incredible and show how the actors are able to find life for their characters in this uncharted world of season two.

* Be sure to check your local listings for season three of Da Vinci’s Demons premiering this year on STARZ. Follow Da Vinci’s Demons on Twitter (@DaVincis_Starz) along with Da Vinci himself Tom Riley (@thisisTomRiley). “Same genius. New world.”

Thank you to both Anchor Bay and STARZ media for offering this exclusive Da Vinci’s Demons DVD and Blu-Ray featurette for our Movie Vine readers. Enjoy this special behind the scenes look as the production crews in both Mexico and Wales share their process of “Creating the New World”.

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