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  • Here’s The Official Poster For Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

    I’m very interest in Spielberg’s Lincoln, a film that’s been in one form of development or another for the past seven years. The flick finally hits screens this winter, and here’s the first poster: I like the simple design, giving audiences just enough info to get excited: Steven Spielberg. Daniel Day Lewis. Lincoln. Be there or be square. And […]

  • Review: “The Adventures Of Tintin” Brings Spielberg Back To Form

    There’s an extended chase sequence near the end of The Adventures of Tintin that follows multiple characters and creatures throughout an entire town, and it is all presented via one long extended take. In live action this shot would have been impossible to do, and if Tintin will be remembered for anything, it will be […]

  • Here’s A Peek At Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

    Steven Spielberg is shooting his long gestating Abraham Lincoln bio-pic right now, and Daniel Day Lewis has been spotted out and about at some restaurants rocking the iconic President’s facial hair. So while he isn’t in costume or full makeup, we can extrapolate from this what Day Lewis’ Lincoln will look like, and my mind’s eye is […]

  • Here’s A Stunning Trailer For Spielberg’s “War Horse”

    I don’t use the adjective “gorgeous” lightly. In fact, I can only think of two or three occasions when the word escaped my lips/pen. But damn this trailer is gorgeous. After his last directorial effort Indiana Jones and the Infinite Eye Rolling disappointed fans around the globe, Spielberg seems to have gotten right back on the […]