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  • Into the Fold with Mike Dopud

    Mike Dopud has taken the road less traveled on his journey in life. He is the kind of person Ben Franklin was referring to when he said “you can do anything you set your mind to”. With a degree in hand Mike began his athletic career as a football player. After an injury ended his […]

  • Classic Moviemaking: Super 8 Review

    *Contains Spoilers* It has created over the months intrigue, mystery and speculation… Excitement for this film has undoubtedly been high for this summer blockbuster. From its clever marketing campaign, slowly releasing information like a trail of breadcrumbs, to the release of nostalgic posters and trailers that revealed a monster movie with homage’s to past filmmakers […]

  • “John Carter of Mars” Trailer Debuts

    Now THAT’S a trailer. Disney’s “John Carter of Mars” is a major gamble for the studio, and I sincerely hope it pays off. Based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs book “A Princess of Mars,” the film details the adventure of John Carter, a Confederate American Civil War veteran who is inexplicably transported to Mars, called […]