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  • The “Evil Dead” Remake Is Starting To Sound Pretty Good

    A while back we reported on Diablo Cody joining the Evil Dead remake, and now that production is about to begin we can expect more news to seep out. The latest comes from Bloody Disgusting, and the news concerns the film’s main character. Instead of Ash the remake will involve Mia, a recovering addict that goes […]

  • Remake or Not To Remake: What Do You Think?

    Lately it seems like there are a lot of movies being remade.  My friend and I have discussions on this subject a lot.  She says, “A classic movie should never be remade because it tarnishes the original and it makes Hollywood looks lazy.”   Is there a lack of imagination with writers? Or is Hollywood just trying to make money off old movies with new […]

  • “Evil Dead” Remake Film to Begin Pre-Production

    Word comes that Bob Murawski, an editor who’s worked with Sam Raimi for many years was on his way to Detroit last night to begin work on a fourth Evil Dead film. The film is expected to be similar to past films and given an indie feel. Sam Raimi is said to be preparing the […]