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  • BluRay Review: “Prometheus”

    Prometheus might be the biggest disappointment of 2012. To be honest though, some of that is my own fault. For whatever reason, the idea of Ridley Scott returning to the Alien universe filled me with hope, and the incredibly cool trailers and cast turned that hope into dreams of a fantastic, old school sci-fi adventure. Now that Prometheus is in […]

  • New Trailer For “Prometheus” Shines A Light On Major Plot Points

    Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has been a bit of a mystery all through production and the marketing folks have done a good job keeping things under wraps. But the flick is just over a month from release and now it seems all bets are off. If you’ve enjoyed not knowing much about this one I highly recommend not […]

  • “Prometheus” Secrets Revealed In Two New Videos

    First we got a teaser for Prometheus, and a swanky remix soon followed. Then came the viral marketing which confirmed the film’s place in the Alien universe. Today 20th Century Fox has debuted the above theatrical trailer and an IMAX trailer to get your heart racing. Prometheus is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated films of […]

  • “Prometheus” Viral Marketing Reveals “Alien” Connection

    Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has been a bit of a mystery for some time. It began development as an Alien prequel and was then described as something entirely separate. Now the word is that Prometheus does indeed take place in the same universe as the Alien stories, but is set several decades beforehand. The film’s producers […]

  • Check Out This Cool Remix Of The “Prometheus” Trailer

    Just before Christmas we brought you the first trailer for Prometheus, the Ridley Scott directed prequel to the sci-fi classic Alien. Now we’ve got a re-mix of that trailer for you, with nothing incredibly new to see but a lot more of the Alien mood to feel. My personal favorite part is how they blend the […]