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  • Paramount Makes A Shocking Choice For Their “Star Trek 2” Director

    It’s been long considered a done deal, but Trekkies have been fretting about whether or not J.J. Abrams would direct the second Star Trek since the first hit theaters and gave the franchise a much needed shot in the arm. Today, they can all calm down. Today, Paramount has announced the official director of Star […]

  • Bruce Willis In Talks To Join G.I. Joe 2

    The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop about Bruce Willis entering negotiations to join G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the sequel to 2009’s G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. The role in question is none other than General Joe Colton, the original G.I. Joe in the franchise’s mythology. If he signs on the line that is dotted Willis will join a […]

  • “Star Trek 2” gets Abrams, Moves From 2012, and “G.I. Joe” Plugs the Hole Left Behind

    Deadline reports that J.J. Abrams is all but signed for the sequel to his 2009 Star Trek, and Paramount plans to begin production in January. That January start date means the film will never meet the proposed June 29th 2012 release date, so Paramount has moved G.I. Joe 2 into the recently vacated slot. Deadline also reports […]