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  • Elysium : Movie Review

    Elysium has all the signs of being a movie to talk about, whether you liked it or not. It’s also one of those movies that doesn’t require you to like it as much as it requires you to sift through the myriad of issues it’s addressing. It’s also worth mentioning that at the time Elysium […]

  • Check Out George Clooney and Matt Damon In This Fantastic “Monuments Men” Trailer

    I’ve had my eye on Monuments Men for a while, mainly because I’m a big fan of George Clooney’s directorial work, and this looks right up his alley. Toss in a cast  that includes Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, and Cate Blanchett and it looks like we’ve got a real treat in store for us this […]

  • A Trailer For Cameron Crowe’s “We Bought A Zoo” Is Online

    I’ll be honest, Cameron Crowe‘s films get to me in a weird way, so much so that I genuinely love every one of his movies. Say Anything and Singles are great, and Jerry Maguire is just fantastic. Almost Famous is my favorite movie, period, and Elizabethtown is a fascinating mess that is a strong contender […]

  • Stacy Keach Joins the Cast of “The Bourne Legacy”

    The first film in the Bourne series to not focus mainly on Jason Bourne has announced a new cast member. Stacy Keach has joined the cast of the new film, The Bourne Legacy. He joins star Jeremy Renner as well as Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz, Joan Allen, Oscar Isaac and Albert Finney. It is uncertain if […]

  • Top 60 Actors Chosen By Movie Vine Viewers

    No matter if it’s a big time studio movie or a small independent film, talented actors make an impact on the audience in one way or another. I’ve asked around to gather names of favorite actors, and I was surprised… I see names big and small. I decided not to make a top 10 or […]

  • “The Adjustment Bureau” (2011) – A Review

    It was another two-film movie marathon in the theater for me on May 16, 2011. I decided upon a first viewing of The Adjustment Bureau, followed by my second viewing of Battle: Los Angeles. The film faded in and was at first, for about 2 minutes a slow-moving flick, but it kicked into gear soon […]