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  • Interview With Prolific Character Actor Lew Temple

    Lew Temple, most recognized as Axel from The Walking Dead, is an actor with the ability to sink into his roles and become a completely different person, stamping his own mark on all the characters he portrays. With a variety of work under his belt, he shows no sign of slowing down and continues to […]

  • Hi-yo, Silver! The “Lone Ranger” Trailer Is Here

    Well, that looks incredibly expensive. And violent. Disney seems to know they’ve got something great on their hands, and they seem determined to market it well and not pull a John Carter with Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger. Depp and Hammer seem excellent here, and I gotta admit this is one very nice trailer to […]

  • The Lone Ranger is Shut Down by Disney

    The LONE RANGER was getting the cast ready and was going to start shooting the filming this fall. It was to star ARMIE HAMMER as THE LONE RANGER, and JOHNNY DEPP as TONTO. But Disney shut down production because of disputes between the studio and Jerry Bruckheimer over the budget for the tent-pole, which was […]