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  • Monumental Casting News

    Monumental is an independent film that just concluded fundraising. All film roles have now been cast. Production will be starting in June of 2013, with release expected sometime in 2014. Monumental tells the story of two young men who journey across the USA to honor one’s mother by spreading her ashes at monuments she always […]

  • Short Film Review: Zombie Chronicles: The Infected

    If director Marvin Suarez set out to make a comedy with his 26 minute film Zombie Chronicles: The Infected, then bravo, but the sad reality is that he actually set out to make a genuine horror film. Referred to as the most anticipated zombie film of 2010 (anticipated by who, nobody knows), Zombie Chronicles: The Infected is […]

  • Short Film Review: The Misogynist

    Harlan (Pascal Yen-Pfister) is a photographer with the photographer’s equivalent of ”writer’s block”. He lacks inspiration in his work as of late. He needs something fresh and vital to shoot, so he decides to get personal and begins taking pictures of his wife (Rhea Sandstrom) in poses that are very personal. These are poses that may […]

  • Pilot Review: Overcrowded

    Imagine a sitcom where you had four characters who had the persona and intelligence of Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld? That’s pretty much what you get with All Things Random’s 2009 comedy pilot Overcrowded, about four such people. Unfortunately, the laughs in Overcrowded don’t even come close to the laughs earned in the now classic Jerry […]

  • There Are No Goodbyes Independent Feature Film Trailer Debut

    LYONS DEN PRODUCTIONS has just released the teaser trailer for their new feature film THERE ARE NO GOODBYES. The true indie production, which shot in Poland, Czech Republic, and Ireland last spring, finished rolling cameras in Pennsylvania on July 30 and is expected to premiere 2012. “There Are No Goodbyes” is a story about choices […]

  • Over Coffee – Short Film Review (2010)

    Review by Elizabeth Sellars The sparkling romantic comedy short OVER COFFEE proves that chivalry is not dead after all. Who says chivalry doesn’t exist anymore? In Sean Meehan’s colorful romantic comedy short OVER COFFEE, chivalry comes in the form of warm-hearted Andrew (Erik Potempa) who steps up to impress the woman of his dreams, Carla […]