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  • Marvel Has Revealed Who Will Play Rocket Raccoon In “Guardians of the Galaxy”

    Everything about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy makes me smile. James Gunn directing? A cast that includes Chris Pratt, John C Reilly, Lee Pace, and Zoe Saldana? Thanos, Groot, and all the the beautiful, crazy, cosmic implications they carry? I am beyond stoked for this flick. Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: Winter Soldier are destined to be hits, but Guardians […]

  • Marvel Has Cast Their First Guardian Of The Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy is the biggest question mark when it comes to Marvel’s Phase Two slate, but with James Gunn directing I’m very, very excited for the first big screen adventure of Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon. The casting of Star-Lord, aka Peter Quill, a human astronaut chosen to become an inter-galactic policeman, has been […]

  • Marvel’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Officially Has A Director

    For a while it’s been rumored that James Gunn, the eccentric filmmaker behind Super and Slither, has been on Marvel’s shortlist to helm Guardians of the Galaxy, the adaptation of the obscure Marvel series that will serve to introduce the cosmic threats that will rear their heads from time to time and fight against the Avengers. The Guardians […]