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  • “Olympus Has Fallen” – Patriotic thrills to begin Spring

    A few days back, I had the good fortune to attend a preview screening for Olympus Has Fallen, the first film featuring a group taking over the White House (the next to be White House Down). The Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Shooter) directed film stars Gerard Butler (300, Law Abiding Citizen), Aaron Eckhart (Thank You […]

  • The Filmmaker Spotlight #1 – Bruce Willis

    After living years of seeing actors, directors, writers and other filmmakers being praised for their work and treated like celebrities, I wanted to take the time to begin writing spotlights focusing on the careers of these talented individuals, but what drives me to doing this is the fact that these are normal, regular, hard-working human […]

  • “Die Hard 5” Gets New Director, Premise, and Our Slight Attention

    Twitch is reporting news that Die Hard 5 is closer then ever to becoming a reality rather than Bruce Willis’ desperate dream to maintain relevance. According to reports, the next entry will send John McClane and his son to Russia where the pair will fight terrorists on their home turf. One wonders if the “and son” […]