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  • DC Comics, Make this Happen!

    The battle for big screen supremacy between Marvel and DC has been lopsided to say the least over the last decade or so. In an opinion piece I simply ask the question why? Although the Marvel roster has plenty of depth, DC’s starting lineup is larger than life. Superman, Batman, the Flash, the Green Lantern […]

  • DC Developing A “Watchmen” Prequel

    Ok. Really? Bleeding Cool has a tip that DC Comics is developing a series of prequel comics to Alan Moore’s Watchmen, one of the finest pieces of literature (not just comics, but real literature) ever produced. There’ll be four books total, all weaving in and out of the original Watchmen universe. If you’ve read Moore’s book, […]

  • “Supernatural” Creator To Bring DC Comics’ Deadman to TV

    I haven’t seen all of Supernatural yet. I’m a third of the way through season one, but it’s fanbase is comprised of pretty intelligent folks with sharp genre tastes, and the show is a constant presence on “Shows More People Should Be Watching” lists and their Comic Con panel is usually massive. The show’s creator, […]

  • Superman and Lois Lane Split

    While gossip hounds trip over themselves anxious to report on J-Lo’s latest divorce proceedings, a far more important and inspiring couple have called it quits. The Huffington Post reports that Lois Lane and Clark Kent, aka Superman, will no longer be an item when the comic series reboots this September. Americans got hot and bothered when […]