DC Developing A “Watchmen” Prequel

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Ok. Really? Bleeding Cool has a tip that DC Comics is developing a series of prequel comics to Alan Moore’s Watchmen, one of the finest pieces of literature (not just comics, but real literature) ever produced. There’ll be four books total, all weaving in and out of the original Watchmen universe. If you’ve read Moore’s book, or if you saw the very good Zack Snyder adaptation, then you know this is an absolutely terrible idea. The story jumps all over a set timeline, spanning at least 50 years, highlighting all the major moments in the main character’s lives.

But this is the world we live in, I guess. We can’t just hear about the Clone Wars, we have to see them. We can’t guess what happened to the Norwegian camp before the Thing shows up, we need a whole movie to explicitly state what happened. We’re in a culture that refuses to leave a stone un-turned, and if that means specifically stating Hooded Justice’s identity and sexual preferences that were only hinted at, then by god it’ll be stated.

We can’t keep coming back to the same well. If we refuse to branch out and break new ground, our only fate is to shrivel up and die.


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