Superman and Lois Lane Split

While gossip hounds trip over themselves anxious to report on J-Lo’s latest divorce proceedings, a far more important and inspiring couple have called it quits.

The Huffington Post reports that Lois Lane and Clark Kent, aka Superman, will no longer be an item when the comic series reboots this September. Americans got hot and bothered when the Man of Steel renounced his American citizenship earlier this year, but who knows how fans will take the split of the beloved couple who danced around each other for decades before tying the knot in 1996. No word yet on whom Kal-El will be paired with this time around, but it has been announced that Ms Lane will be seeing a Daily Planet colleague when Superman #1 hits comic stands this fall.


John Shannon

John Shannon studied Creative Writing at the University of Maine where he also served as a film critic for the Maine Campus Newspaper. He currently resides in the greater Portland area of Southern Maine where he works by day and watches film by night. He can be reached via email at and followed on Twitter @JohnWShannon
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