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  • Will The Secret Circle make it for another season?

    Will CW’s The Secret Circle make it for another season?  That is the question some of the viewers want to know, but it doesn’t look good.  After returning last Thursday (April 20) from a three week hiatus the show dropped 36%-29%  1.11 mil. and 0.5. ( I do admit that I was watching last weeks show.)  It’s very […]

  • Here’s Our First Look At The CW’s “Green Arrow”

    The CW has been prepping a new show based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, and Deadline has premiered the first image of the titular character: That’s Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen and I’m pretty impressed by the costume design. Technically Arrow hasn’t been picked up for a full series yet but the fact that […]

  • “Supernatural” Creator To Bring DC Comics’ Deadman to TV

    I haven’t seen all of Supernatural yet. I’m a third of the way through season one, but it’s fanbase is comprised of pretty intelligent folks with sharp genre tastes, and the show is a constant presence on “Shows More People Should Be Watching” lists and their Comic Con panel is usually massive. The show’s creator, […]