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  • Here’s The Teaser For That “Carrie” Remake

    When the idea of remaking Carrie first rippled through Hollywood, many groaned and registered their disappointment. But with Kimberly Peirce at the helm and Chloe Grace Moretz in the title role, those dissenters are starting to get a little optimistic. Toss in the recent string of teen suicides due to bullying and this Carrie has become downright […]

  • The “Carrie” Remake Has Its Carrie

    I’ll admit that a remake of Brian DePalma’s Carrie sounds like a bad idea. Any remake sounds terrible when just roughly mentioned. My own personal policy on remakes is this: if the producers get a good director that can do something new with the material, I’m all for it. Deadline has got the latest news […]