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  • Paranoia : Review

    Paranoia is loosely based on the novel by Joseph Finder. After reading the novel I wondered which direction Robert Luketic would take with his interpretation. The direction was very thrilling and on the edge exciting with twist and turns to the plot. In today’s world everyone is connected with phones, tablets and other gadgets and it […]

  • Coming soon ‘Paranoia’

    Paranoia is based on the best–selling novel by Joseph Finder. The film was directed by Robert Luketic and will be released August 16, 2013. Who does the cast include? Liam Hemsworth (The film’s star!) Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford and Amber Heard, Embeth Davidtz, Julian McMahon, Richard Dreyfuss and Josh Holloway. What is ‘Paranoia’ about? It […]

  • “Are they not complimentary?” – A Review of “The Rum Diary”

    A film of which has held onto my anticipation since filming in 2009 and has combined the great Johnny Depp once again with the also terrific Hunter S. Thompson‘s writing is The Rum Diary, released on October 28th, 2011. The film lived up to and beyond my wildest expectations of a crazy journey into the […]

  • “The Rum Diary” Trailer Released

    A film long in the works and due near the end of 2011 is the Hunter S. Thompson originated film semi-follow-up to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Rum Diary. The film features Johnny Depp in the leading role as Paul Kemp, a journalist who is on a drink-infested assignment in Puerto Rico. It […]