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  • Chronicle: Documented Superheroes

    With just a week to go until its release in the UK (the 3rd in the States) ‘Chronicle‘ is shaping up to showcase a new generation of superhero films. So far the buzz has been undeniably positive,especially with its fresh take on the genre as the development of the character’s powers are documented through handheld […]

  • The “Akira” Remake Has Been Called Off

    I may have clasped my hands with joy at this news. Pardon me if I sound a wee bit too gleeful here. The Hollywood Reporter has broke the news that Warner Brothers has taken a second look at their Akira remake and blinked a few times. Maybe they saw the escalating budget. Maybe they noticed the […]

  • Kristen Stewart To Join The “Akira” Remake?

    I’ve been pretty down on Warners’ Akira remake ever since it was first announced, and to be honest nothing I’ve heard since has given me much reason to turn my frown upside down. Garret Hedlund of TRON: Legacy is very close to becoming the lead, and Twitch is reporting that Kristen Stewart of the Twilight films is close […]

  • Sorry, Japan: “Akira” Remake Gets A Greenlight

    A while back we reported that Warners had found a new director for their Akira remake, but the long gestating project hadn’t gotten a green light. Today, Variety tells us that the studio has given the project a go ahead, and production will begin early next year. “Set in New Manhattan, the cyberpunk sci-fi epic follows […]

  • The “Akira” Remake Gets A New Director

    Variety has the scoop on Warner Bros eternally struggling “Akira,” the remake of the seminal anime film of the same name. The studio is having trouble getting new franchises off the ground, and with Harry Potter and the Dark Knight coming to a close, they’re running out of time. The news is Unknown director Jaume Collett-Serra will […]