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  • “Olympus Has Fallen” – Patriotic thrills to begin Spring

    A few days back, I had the good fortune to attend a preview screening for Olympus Has Fallen, the first film featuring a group taking over the White House (the next to be White House Down). The Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Shooter) directed film stars Gerard Butler (300, Law Abiding Citizen), Aaron Eckhart (Thank You […]

  • “Are they not complimentary?” – A Review of “The Rum Diary”

    A film of which has held onto my anticipation since filming in 2009 and has combined the great Johnny Depp once again with the also terrific Hunter S. Thompson‘s writing is The Rum Diary, released on October 28th, 2011. The film lived up to and beyond my wildest expectations of a crazy journey into the […]

  • “The Rum Diary” Trailer Released

    A film long in the works and due near the end of 2011 is the Hunter S. Thompson originated film semi-follow-up to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Rum Diary. The film features Johnny Depp in the leading role as Paul Kemp, a journalist who is on a drink-infested assignment in Puerto Rico. It […]

  • “Battle: Los Angeles” (2011) – A Review

    Review by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson I now come to the final and my favorite film of the night, Battle: Los Angeles. The film is a great inspiration to me to sign up with the United States Military. It begins with a seemingly peaceful Earth with incoming apparent meteors in the atmosphere. It is soon […]