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“Bienvenidos a Los Angeles”: LAX-Set Oscar Contender Forges Path with Ouat Media Deal

Bienvenidos a Los AngelesThe Oscar-qualified live-action short film, “Bienvenidos a Los Angeles,” has recently sealed a pivotal sales agent deal with the esteemed Toronto-based company, Ouat Media. With an impressive track record of representing three Oscar winners and 12 nominees, Ouat Media adds another gem to its roster with this poignant tale of immigration filmed at the bustling LAX International Airport.

Inspired by a real-life immigration story, “Bienvenidos a Los Angeles” reveals the narrative of Imani, a Nigerian single mother on her quest for a green card as a Physician’s Assistant in the sprawling city of Los Angeles. The story takes an unexpected twist when Imani faces termination due to the Muslim ban, thrusting her into a fateful encounter with Elizabeth, an undocumented woman on a heart-wrenching journey to reunite with her young son.

Reflecting on the film’s genesis, director Lisa Cole shares, “We created this film as an agent for change and to humanize intricate immigration issues. The events depicted are based on my friend’s real-life experience the night she attempted to reunite with her five-year-old son returning to California from Mexico. We hope the film resonates with many people, shedding light on the challenges faced by countless women, especially mothers.”

“Bienvenidos a Los Angeles” has already achieved acclaim by winning the 2023 Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase, sponsored by Viola Davis’s company, JuVee Productions. With over 50 global film festival screenings, including three Oscar-qualifying festivals, the film proudly holds 18 wins and four additional nominations. The project also received the Flip the Script $25K BIPOC Filmmaker Fund and earned recognition in the esteemed New York Times.

A distinguished graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Lisa Cole has three feature narrative films in development and has collaborated with acclaimed producers Jean-Marc Vallee, Laura Dern, Laura Bickford, and Nathan Ross.

The producers of “Bienvenidos a Los Angeles” include Vivian Johnson, Cindy Lu, Ben O’Keefe, Lolia Etomi, and Jolene Mendes, with Executive Producers Lagralane, Adam Wescott, McKenna Marshall, Nicholas Phillips, and Selena Leoni.

As “Bienvenidos a Los Angeles” takes a big leap forward with the recent sales agent deal with Ouat Media, its compelling narrative promises to resonate with audiences worldwide, shining a light on pressing issues and the resilient spirit of those who face adversity.

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