Seraph Films’ Horror Haiku Overview


Seraph Films is a production company founded by director Gene Blalock that produces feature and short films, web series, and music videos. Horror Haiku is a popular weekly short horror web series created by Seraph Films. The company recently finished releasing the latest season titled Horror Haiku: The Museum.

Horror Haiku: The Museum builds on the series’ tradition of transforming viewer-submitted haikus into horror vignettes. A haiku is a short poem, of Japanese origin, having a meter of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables. The latest season invited viewers to submit original, terrifying poems all while exploring the mystery of a dangerous, paranormal museum. With a new host, new poems, and a chilling new mystery, Horror Haiku: The Museum will turn your nightmares into a reality.

Below are the episodes of Horror Haiku: The Museum Season 5 for you to watch below (rated R)…

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 1: Last Rites

Starring: John C. Epperson and Nick Somers

Submitted by: Chloe Bishop

Robes of black enshroud
A white mask hides a secret
They all obey him

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 2: Good Fences, Good Neighbors

Starring: Derrick Scott, Crispin Rosenekranz and Nick Somers

Submitted by: Kally Khourshid

Neighbor woke me up
Called the cops no evidence
Neighbor died last year

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 3: A Little Dark Reading

Starring: Lily Blavin, Irina Skaya, and Aly Wolff-Mills

Submitted by: Lisa Dee

Take liminal space
Add to it a drop of blood
Then wait for darkness

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 4: Whispers

Starring: Todd Storik, Richard Trejo, and Aly Wolff-Mills

Submitted by: John Garavaglia

Moon’s glint unsheathing
Single whisper’s perfection
Night’s mist enfolds you

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 5: Ankh

Starring: Justin Sandler and Mary Lou Sandler

Submitted by: Don Carpenter

I thought he liked me
He’s squeezing my windpipe hard
No second date here

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 6: The New Guy

Starring: Jonathan Erickson Eisley and Tyler Adams

Submitted by: Arwen Lottman

I can’t see it’s dark
Hand me that light over there
Uh-oh never mind

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 7: Doctor’s Orders

Starring: Kristin Walker, Aaron Mliner, and Sherri Hansen-Bundy

Submitted by: Anastacia Strate

I can help you breathe
Hope you don’t mind etorphine
You won’t feel a thing

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 8: Intimacy

Starring: Andrew Adams and Collin McShane

Submitted by: Mary Williams

Turning on the light
Looking all around the room
Something watching me

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 9: The One That Got Away

Starring: Jeff DeCrosta, Taylor Plecity, Collin McShane

Submitted by: Cosmic

Hush now be quiet
Keep still there in the darkness
Pray it doesn’t hear

HORROR HAIKU Season 5, Episode 10: The Art of Murder V

Starring: Tonya Kay and Ryan Kiser

Submitted by: Don Carpenter

Took the pills today
You said that they’d go away
The shadows still acres

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