American Reunion Review

During the opening scene of the fourth product of the original American Pie movies, everyone knew they would be in stitches the entire movie. American Reunion ruled.

Jim married Michelle and they now have a two-year-old son together. Kevin is married to Ellie and lives the life of the perfect husband. Oz is a sportscaster and is dating a super model. Finch is nowhere to be found and Stifler is a temp at a massive legal firm. Now 13 years after leaving high school, it’s time for them to go back.

This movie covered all the bases. They took every curve-ball that life can throw at adults growing up and made it absolutely hilarious in the process. Younger women having crushes on married men, old feelings being brought up again, caving into those old feelings, maturing past those old feelings, not taking your bosses crap anymore, you name it, they took those problems and made them into the best jokes.

There were cameos all over the place with some of the best people like Neil Patrick Harris (playing a dance show host), Brian Mahoney (police officer) and Rebecca De Mornay (as Finch’s mom), which was great to see.

If this truly is to be the final movie in the series of original American Pie movies, then I feel that it is fair to say that they went out with a bang. The predecessors may have covered each characters story, but American Reunion, covered, explained, fixed and finished those stories.

The only thing I could put as a negative would be the movie age limit. For the theatre I attended, it was 14+ and although it’s true younger teens these days see and seem to be able to handle a lot, there was still a decent amount of nudity in this one. There were a lot of really young kids in the theatre and I’m sure my parents never would have let me go see an American Pie movie at that age!

Other than that, it was a phenomenal movie from start to finish and a definite must see for any American Pie fan or anyone who enjoys a good comedy.

By Samantha Dotson

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