Will The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Actually Be Aliens?

Transformers director Michael Bay has slated his update of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise for a winter 2013 release date, and he recently spoke about his intentions for the half shell heroes:

“When you see this movie, kids are going to believe, one day, that these turtles actually do exist when we are done with this movie. These turtles are from an alien race and they are going to be tough, edgy, funny and completely lovable.”

Nerds everywhere are already crying foul and claiming the turtles are definitely not aliens. I’m on record as a TMNT enthusiast but even so it’s weird to see folks treating this story about sewer dwelling pizza munching ninjas as sacred text, and it is even funnier (and nerdier) to point out that in the original comic the turtles actually did have slightly alien origins.

TCRI, the military sect that crafted the mutagenic ooze, was actually a secret base for alien Utroms. The Utroms were led by Krang, the pink squishy guy in a robot exoskeleton. Krang might actually be the major bad guy in this movie so they can save Shredder for the sequel. Maybe the film is skipping the accidental mutating and making the Turtles mutated by TCRI as an experiment. Or maybe Bay is talking in a bigger picture sense in that the film is about the Turtles discovering their origins. That idea was the original storyline in the comics after all.

Just some food for thought.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is scheduled to hit theaters on Christmas Day, 2013.

John Shannon

John Shannon studied Creative Writing at the University of Maine where he also served as a film critic for the Maine Campus Newspaper. He currently resides in the greater Portland area of Southern Maine where he works by day and watches film by night. He can be reached via email at and followed on Twitter @JohnWShannon

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  1. im sorry but if micheal bay goes through with the idea of the turtles being aliens i will not go see it cause the origins of the charcters was already explained instead of rebooting the franchise he should continue right where the third one left off and introduce krang as the villain

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