Shocker: “Paranormal Activity 4” Is Happening


The Saw franchise became an annual tradition for Lionsgate, and Paramount seems to be taking their lead. Variety is reporting that the studio is prepping the fourth Paranormal Activity film in the same number of years. Considering the box office of Paranormal Activity 3 this is hardly surprising.

I’ve enjoyed the Paranormal Activity films thus far, and the series has shown surprising flexibility even when under the constraints of the “found footage” parameters. Variety doesn’t give information regarding directors, writers, or even a premise, but I really hope they switch gears for this next installment. The “found footage” thing has become a staple of the Paranormal series, and it’d be cool to see what happens when they leave that comfort zone behind.

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.

Expect Paranormal Activity 4 to hit theaters sometime this October.