Rosewood Lane Trailer : Film by Jeepers Creepers Director

Rosewood Lane is a thriller film written by the director of Jeepers Creepers. The story follows McGowan as she plays Doctor Sonny Blake, a radio talk show psychiatrist, when she moves back to her childhood home after her alcoholic father dies. Once back in her old neighborhood she discovers the local paperboy is a frightening and cunning young sociopath that targeted her father and now targets her. When the boy starts calling her show and recites eerie nursery rhymes, an unnerving game of cat-and-mouse begins. When the game escalates, she suddenly finds herself in a terrifying all out war, one that forces her to redefine her ideas of good and evil, and has her fighting to stay alive.

Star cast includes: Rose McGowan, Sonny Marinelli, Daniel Ross Owens, Rance Howard, Lauren Velez, Steve Tom, Tom Tarantini, Ray Wise, Christopher Gehrman, Lesley-Anne Down, Judson Mills, Shari Carlson, Lin Shaye, Bill Fagerbakke, Ashton Moio, Mark Irvingsen, Charles Cooper, Deanna Lynn Walsh and more talented cast.

This film will be coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD. (Official Site)

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