“Pulp Fiction” and “Jackie Brown” Hits BluRay This Fall

Tarantino fans rejoice! Per IGN, QT’s second and third films Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown will hit BluRay on October 4th, 2011 with a hi def transfer overseen by Tarantino himself.

This is the part when I’d editorialize and offer opinion, but seriously, that’s pointless. I’ve never met a film fan worth his salt who doesn’t like these films, and I pray I never will. So let’s get to the specs!

Pulp Fiction

  • Retrospective Cast Interviews (New)
  • Critics Corner: Then and Now (New)
  • “Pulp Fiction: The Facts” featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Behind the Scenes Montages
  • Production Design featurette
  • Siskel and Ebert “At the Movies” – The Tarantino Generation
  • Independent Spirit Awards
  • Cannes Film Festival – Palm d’Or Acceptance Speech
  • Charlie Rose Show – Interview with Quentin Tarantino
  • Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots
  • Stills Gallery

Jackie Brown

  • Critic’s Corner: Then and Now – (New)
  • “Jackie Brown: How It Went Down” featurette
  • “A Look Back at Jackie Brown” – Interview with Quentin Tarantino
  • Chicks With Guns Video
  • Siskel & Ebert “At the Movies” – Jackie Brown Review
  • Jackie Brown on MTV
  • Theatrical Trailer and TV Spots
  • Stills Gallery

If for some reason you haven’t gotten around to these landmark films,, now there is absolutely no excuse.

John Shannon

John Shannon studied Creative Writing at the University of Maine where he also served as a film critic for the Maine Campus Newspaper. He currently resides in the greater Portland area of Southern Maine where he works by day and watches film by night. He can be reached via email at and followed on Twitter @JohnWShannon
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