Nina Bergman And Pasha Gerard In Dark Romantic Film ‘Seize The Night’ By Seraph Films

Seraph Films is an independent production company in Los Angeles that created “The Nightmare Gallery” feature film starring Amber Benson. The company’s new film “Seize The Night” releases in February 2022 through on-demand outlets.

Actress Nina Bergman is most known for her roles in the films “Hell Hath No Fury,” “Doom: Annihilation,” and “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.” She now stars in the dark drama “Seize The Night” as GG (Tasha) opposite writer, producer, and actor Pasha Gerard. He plays the role of GB (Sasha).

Filmed in Los Angeles, “Seize The Night” was directed by Gene Blalock and executive produced by Phil Goldberg. Pasha Gerard and Jhan Harp wrote the story. The cast includes Jonathan Erickson Eisley, John C. Epperson, Trevor Torseth, and Justin Sandler. The Director of photography is Daniel Button, with music by composer Karel Havlicek.

About “Seize The Night”: Over the course of one night, a whirlwind romance between a drug dealer and a mysterious singer takes them on a collision course with a dangerous mind-control drug through the Los Angeles underground scene.

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Article by Wendy of Movie Vine.

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