“Let Me In” Director Brings Us Into “The Twilight Zone”


Matt Reeves is a filmmaker I’ve been most curious about recently. His first feature, Cloverfield, was heavily hyped and proportionately backlashed, even though the direction of that film is top notch. Then he attached himself to Let Me In, the remake of the beloved Swedish horror film Let the Right One In, and it ended up being much better than it should have been. In fact, Let Me In was my favorite film of 2010.

So when news came down today that Warner Brothers decided to give him the reigns to The Twilight Zone, I was surprised and intrigued. Other rumored directors were Christopher Nolan (Inception), Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men), and Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and those are all great filmmakers who would make great Twilight Zone flicks. But I’m glad the WB took a chance on Reeves, who was heavily rumored for their Superman reboot before Zack Snyder got the gig. It seems Warners wants to be in business with Reeves, and that’s a studio that gives directors a lot of freedom.

Unlike the 8os anthology film this’ll be a single story stretched to full length, and of course the studio wants a franchise out of this. Perhaps Nolan, Cuaron, or Wyatt will craft their own Twilight Zone entry when Reeves’ is marked a success. We’ll have to wait and see.