Don Jon : Movie Review

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Don Jon is a very insightful look at a romantic comedy and coming of age movie! Joseph Gordon-Levitt did exceptionally well on his directorial debut in making you think about how men and women have preconceived ideas about love and making love. As women we look for Prince Charming to ride in on that white horse and sweep us off of our feet. If we can’t find that Prince Charming, we try to take the everyday Don Jon and make him into that Prince! Men on the other hand are looking for the unrealistic Pinup or Porn Star to fulfill their fantasies. The movie shows how men in their womanizing ways will rate women nightly in the clubs and on Sunday will be front row in church and asking for forgiveness for all of the wrongs they’ve done all week. This movie has a clever spin on how relationships play out with great narrations from Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Scarlett Johansson played the perfect little Princess and manipulator of her man. Julianne Moore was excellent as the hip instructor of love. Tony Danza and Glenne Headly played the classical dysfunctional parents, great job. Rob Brown and Jeremy Luke as Jon’s buddies and club cheerleader’s are hysterical how they play off of each other. Brie Larson didn’t speak much but her expressions are extremely loud and priceless. I think it’s safe to say Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proved himself to be a triple threat in the industry.



I like to tell stories about real life situations, but with a twist to get your attention or make you laugh. Whichever comes first! I am a balloon sculptor and party decorator on the side who has a very wild imagination. As a teen I attended the Kilpatrick-Cambridge Theater Arts School and I’ve done limited acting in plays because my interest was mostly in computers. I realized I like watching movies more than being in one at an early age. I love reading and I would love to write a book about my life one day. I know you’re wondering if she’s really that interesting to have a book about her. Well, just wait and see…
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