Director Gene Blalock Shares Behind The Scenes Video Of ‘Seize The Night’ Film

Seize the Night (Carpe Noctem) is a feature film starring Nina Bergman (as GG/Tasha) and Pasha Gerard (as GB/Sasha) that was released in 2022. The story: Over the course of one night, a whirlwind romance between a drug dealer and a mysterious singer takes them on a collision course with a dangerous mind-control drug through the Los Angeles underground scene. The film is currently streaming on digital outlets on demand.

Gene Blalock has been asked a lot about the look of the film, so he wanted to make a quick video to share about it. He starts by saying, “The film is my love letter to Los Angeles, and more specifically to the dark underworld that welcomed me in, and I fell in love with my first move to Hollywood as a musician. It was a real magical and surreal feeling for me, so I wanted to paint the movie in the stylized fantasy feel and pay respect to as many of these places as I could. This film has more locations than any of my films to date…” watch the video below for more…

Here is the trailer for the feature film “Seize the Night”…


More details about the cast, crew, etc. can be found on the official website at

Article by Wendy Shepherd of Movie Vine.

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