Interview With Actor and Filmmaker Sevier Crespo

Sevier Crespo
Sevier Crespo

Sevier Crespo is an award-winning filmmaker who works the triplicate roles of actor, producer, and occasional screenwriter. A busy and charismatic actor, he also runs his own company, New Slant Productions which has an equally impressive portfolio including feature films, commercials and music videos. Nicole caught up with Sevier to get a quick peek into what he’s got going on in 2013 – so far.

Hi and welcome to Movie Vine, Sevier. I know you’re showcased on our sister site, Officially Plugged In, so it’s a pleasure to have you over here as well.

Let’s start out with a fun fact. You run your own very successful production company, New Slant Production. What brought on the desire to open your own company? What made you decide to split the offices between LA and Puerto Rico?

Sevier: I’ve always wanted to have a production company, and the opportunity came up after I line produced the feature film ABSENCE (out this year). I decided to have offices in both Los Angeles and Puerto Rico, after we shot the feature film MAGDALENA. Being a Puerto Rico native and loving the environment, I realized I could really do great films there.

MV: On the company’s about page, there’s a mention that you send a portion of your profits to The Police Activities League (P.A.L). I checked them out and I really love what they’re doing. Would you be interested in sharing what prompted you to start donating to them?

Sevier: When I got back from filming in Puerto Rico, I realized I wasn’t as excited about acting/producing, etc., and it wasn’t fulfilling. I felt like I was missing something. And then I realized, I was making it all about me and my life, status, etc., things that didn’t really matter at the end of the day. I wanted to start giving back. I remembered an interview with 50 Cent and Oprah, on how he was doing something in Africa, feeding millions of people and I thought, “that’s very cool.” Then I got a pair of Warby Parker glasses and learned about their business model where they give a pair for every pair that is purchased. So I realized, “THAT’S IT!” I want to give back by donating funds from my company. That revived my purpose in life and my desire to really go for it with my career(s). The more success I have the more I can give back. I had been to an event where the proceeds went to P.A.L. and I researched their activities. I had been through a program like that myself in my youth and the answer was clear to me that I would support them.

MV: I respect anyone supporting such a great program Way to go, Sevier!


Moving along, there’s a variety of work under your company’s name as well, including a few upcoming movies: The Culling, Desert Storm and Magdalena, the last two of which you also star in, correct?

Sevier: Yes. That’s correct. And ABSENCE a feature I helped produce.  It’s out later on this year, July I believe.

MV: Now we’ve got to talk about Desert Storm because not only did you produce and act in it but you also co-wrote the story, which, honestly? That’s so cool. How was that experience, juggling so many responsibilities?

Sevier: Thank you. We’re still in pre-production but honestly, after doing seven features and dealing with all kinds of obstacles and different budgets, you start to acquire a greater ability to multi task. It becomes second nature. Plus, when you understand the process of filmmaking, it’s the same formula at different levels.

MV: Can you share a little bit about the movie and your role in it?

Sevier: DESERT STORM is an action/thriller with a revealing twist, things aren’t always what they seem. I play Baptista, hired with the rest of the military team to carry out a mission. He’s more than meets the eye as the story is revealed.

MV: From one writer to another, I’ve got ask: where did the idea for Desert Storm come from?

Sevier: Honestly, the concept came from one of my childhood friends. He said, “Hey it would be cool to do a film, like…..” I sat with his concept for a bit, told my writing/producing partner and we came up with our version of the concept and the story.

MV: Next is Magdalena which is currently in post production, is that right? I saw the trailer and got an excellent little chill watching it. Can you offer any more insight into the film? Who are you playing?

Sevier: Yes, MAGDALENA is currently in post. Thank you, this film is my baby! MAGDALENA is a psychological thriller that plays with time and perception of reality, and the motive for our actions. I play Alejandro, a young journalist that comes back home to get his sister, only to find out she’s been missing for a week.

The Culling

MV: And last but not least, The Culling. That name alone sounds good and scary so I’m already looking forward to it. I understand that one is also in post? I’ll let you share the premise of it.

Sevier: THE CULLING is complete and sold. It’s scheduled to come out later this year. It’s about a group of kids that go on a road trip, only to be detoured by a little girl that needs a ride home. Only when they take her home do they realize, they’re in for more than what they bargained for.

MV: Should we be watching out for a trailer in the near future?

Sevier: Yes. Trailer coming soon.

MV: Going back to your writing credit on Desert Storm (and also another film, Fast Lane), how did you like the experience?

Sevier: I love the experience of developing projects and bringing them to life from the initial concept. It can sometimes feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but then that click happens and the story flows.

MV: Would you write more?

Sevier: I would on the right project, yes. It’s a craft all on its own. Directing is something I’ve thought about more, but I guess if I directed something I would want to have my hands in the script too.

MV: Last question! Anything you’d like to pass along to anyone wishing to be actor-producer-writer or any variation thereof?

Sevier: That’s a tough question. I’ve learned, trial by fire so-to-speak, to go with your gut instinct and never let anyone tell you that you have to “pick one.” If they do, RUN. Also, Create.. Create… Create… Produce… Produce… Produce…. By produce I mean, produce product. Whether it’s writing, producing and/or acting… Do Do Do… The more you flow out, the more you receive in.

MV: Thanks for chatting with me today, Sevier and wish you all the luck on your projects.

You can follow Sevier on Twitter, learn more about him on his site here and about New Slant here.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on his upcoming projects as well, including Walking with Angels.

Walking With Angels
Walking With Angels

By Nicole Carter

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