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I like to tell stories about real life situations, but with a twist to get your attention or make you laugh. Whichever comes first! I am a balloon sculptor and party decorator on the side who has a very wild imagination. As a teen I attended the Kilpatrick-Cambridge Theater Arts School and I’ve done limited acting in plays because my interest was mostly in computers. I realized I like watching movies more than being in one at an early age. I love reading and I would love to write a book about my life one day. I know you’re wondering if she’s really that interesting to have a book about her. Well, just wait and see…

  • Interview with Power Rangers’ Red Ranger Steve Cardenas

    Steve Cardenas is best known as Rocky De Santos the 2nd Red Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers also as the Blue Ranger in Power Ranger Zeo. Steve also holds multiple awards in Martial Arts, and still has a large fan base at the conventions. Steve has taken time out of his busy schedule […]

  • Interview with Chad Law : Writer/Producer

    Chad Law is from a small town in Indiana. He was a very creative teen whose imagination led him and his brother Evan to shooting over seventy-five movies, most of which he starred in and directed, with a video camera given to them as a Christmas gift. Chad now has a list of credits as […]

  • Paranoia : Review

    Paranoia is loosely based on the novel by Joseph Finder. After reading the novel I wondered which direction Robert Luketic would take with his interpretation. The direction was very thrilling and on the edge exciting with twist and turns to the plot. In today’s world everyone is connected with phones, tablets and other gadgets and it […]

  • LOVELACE : Review

    As a pre-teen in the 70’s, I remember riding the school bus down Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, CA and seeing the marquee for Deep Throat. I didn’t quite understand the significance of this movie at the time. I also didn’t understand why this movie had such long lines wrapped around the block no matter […]