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  • Partners In Crime Films Releases Alpha Males Experiment DVD & Soundtrack

    Partners In Crime films has recently released the new Alpha Males Experiment DVD and Original Soundtrack for the feature film. The Film ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT takes a humorous but very real look at the state of modern male/female relationships. ALPHA MALES EXPERIMENT is the romantic comedy from a male perspective. The story follows Ethan, an […]

  • Alpha Males Experiment : A relationship roller coaster ride

    Alpha Males Experiement (aka Knuckle Draggers) is the perfect film to watch with a group of people. The ensemble cast presents a range of characters where a connection can be made with one or more of the situations presented. The story is a relationship roller coaster ride with funny highs and dramatic lows. The opening […]

  • Danielle Nicolet Talks Red Faction: Origins and more

    Interview by Kaleb Andrew Paul Wilson Kaleb: What got you into acting? Danielle: I was a really strange child who never slept much, so I spent the quiet hours in the middle of the night, sneaking downstairs to watch TV. We didn’t have cable, so I watched all these really old shows from the 50’s […]