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  • In the Moment with Ben Cotton

    Ben Cotton has played his fair share of both good guys and bad guys over the course of his fourteen years in film and television. The way he allows the audience to discover his characters’ true intentions only after the story unfolds is what makes Ben the perfect actor for any role. Just when you […]

  • AMC Gives “Breaking Bad” An End Date, Splits “The Walking Dead” In Half, And Gets Two New Series

    The past few months have been turbulent for AMC, with reports of Breaking Bad possibly leaving and Walking Dead show runner Frank Darabont leaving (whether he was fired or willingly left depends on who you ask…). Not to mention a toxic reaction to the season finale of The Killing and Mad Men taking up a huge chunk of […]

  • “Breaking Bad” Might Not Return to AMC

    Back in 2006, AMC was a basic cable channel known mostly for running Clint Eastwood marathons and searching for their own original programming. Matthew Weiner used them as a last resort to get his baby Mad Men on the air after every other network turned him down, and Vince Gilligan did the same when he […]