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  • Release of The Host on Blu-ray Combo Pack with DVD & Ultraviolet

    On July 9th Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release “The Host” as a Blu-ray Combo Pack with DVD & Ultraviolet. Be the first to own it on digital starting June 25th. “The Host” was created by Stephenie Meyer, author of the “Twilight Saga”, of which I’m a fan. I’ve read the book “The Host”, but […]

  • The Host Offers First Look At Jake Abel

    I’ve enjoyed reading the sci-fi alien invasion book “The Host” by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer and I was really interested to find that there is a movie being made about it. I’ve been loosely watching the casting process, but I wasn’t impressed with the teaser trailer, though who can tell much from a teaser trailer […]

  • The Teaser Trailer For The Movie: The Host

    I’ve been waiting all day for this movie trailer to be posted on Yahoo Movies to share it with you all.  The Host is based on Stephenie Meyer’s book under the same name.  It’s about unseen visitors who want our world, so they need to invade our bodies and take over our minds.  Who will survive?  […]