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  • ‘Heat Wave’ with Catch Hell’s Russ Russo and Twilight’s Kiowa Gordon Released on YouTube

    ‘Heat Wave‘ is a short film that’s just been released on YouTube. It stars actors Russ Russo (Catch Hell) as Gary, Kiowa Gordon (Twilight) as Michael, Aaron Jaeger (Youthful Daze) as Lenny, Wolfgang Weber (CSI: Miami) as Alec. The story takes place during a heat wave in Los Angeles. It’s about a group of friends […]

  • Giving Back – Interview with Kiowa Gordon

    Kiowa Gordon first hit the Hollywood scene in a little movie called New Moon. Having the rare opportunity to start at the top, Kiowa has taken the roller-coaster ride of instant fame in stride. He remains true to himself and his creative expression. Kiowa will embark on the next chapter of his career adding executive producer […]