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  • Five Opinions on Revolutionary War Based Films and TV Series

    1776 A wonderful and entertaining film about the birth of our country, 1776 is a film adaption of a stage musical. With entertaining and meaningful songs, the film focuses on the Continental Congress and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. With many comedic moments as well as an important story, this is a great […]

  • “1776” Arrives on Blu-ray on June 2, 2015

    The musical classic 1776 will arrive on Blu-ray on June 2, 2015, with a director’s and extended cut of the film included. The film revolves mostlyaround John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Filled with musical numbers, comedic moments and dispatches from George Washington to the congress, […]

  • “Sons of Liberty” Home Media Release Announced

    The History channel’s three-part miniseries will be arriving on DVD and Blu-ray on May 26, 2015. The miniseries stars Ben Barnes as Sam Adams, Marton Csokas as Thomas Gage, Ryan Eggold as Joseph Warren, Michael Raymond-James as Paul Revere, Rafe Spall as John Hancock, Henry Thomas as John Adams, with Jason O’Mara as George Washington […]

  • Sons of Liberty

    Why “Sons of Liberty” Could Work as a Series

    The three part miniseries Sons of Liberty came to a conclusion on January 27, 2015, with George Washington (portrayed here by Jason O’Mara), having also been portrayed in TURN: Washington’s Spies by Ian Kahn, lead a memorable moment at the end of the finale, leaving off the miniseries just after the signing of the Declaration […]

  • “Turn” – An American Revolution Series to Premiere in 2014

    Coming in 2014 from AMC (the network that brought the world Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead), is a series set during the American Revolution. In 1778, Abraham Woodhull is a New York farmer, who finds himself a spy for the Continental Army under orders from General George Washington. He bands together with […]